Chop Wood: Daily Mindfulness Game

A minimalist wood-splitting activity that promotes simplicity, harmony, and relaxation.

Set in a tranquil Japanese-style landscape, with ever-changing seasonal conditions, and a captivating original soundtrack, Chop Wood aspires to bring you peace through play. A game of days intended to be played in short intervals over extended periods of time, seeking to enhance your life, not take it over.

Chop Wood is a zen game that I made for Sage Realities. As the sole developer on the team my responsibility was to program the game from scratch in Unity. The game was developed for both iOS and Android platform.

Some unique features that I implemented in the game:
  • Dynamic game weather system based on player location.
  • Ever-changing seasonal scenery based on time of year.
  • A very zen achievement system featuring 22 Color Grades & 8 Animal Badges.
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