A minimal & unique multi-player strategy game in which you have to dominate the board by converting all the tiles to your color.

Domination is the first game that I released as an Indie developer. At the time I was dabbling with a custom game framework and a lot of other frameworks/engines; noticeably libgdx, Unity and cocos2d-x.

I first developed the prototype on my tiny custom framework in java. And later on I developed the complete game in Unity, considering it's fabulous cross-platform capabilities. The first release had both local and online multiplayer mode (using Photon).

All this while I was playing around with libgdx and working on the single player AI for the game. To increase my speed of testing different turns and scenarious for the AI, I developed the AI algorithm as a native console application. Once I was done with the basic algorithm, I moved back to Unity. However, by that time I fell in love with libgdx and was considering porting the game on it.

Later on, I did realeased the final update in libgdx.

Made with using libGDX.