Survive the epidemic by absorbing red junk while blasting your enemies to smithereens.

Magnes is another game that I made in a week for the WeeklyGameJam 19. The theme of the jam was, Attraction. It's a fast-paced action game in which you play as a human cyborg.

My primary reason to take part in this game jam was to improve my design thinking and skills. Thereby some of the underlying code-base and art wasn't completely developed by me. Also, considering the limited time that I had, I primarily wanted to focus on design.

Here's a brief on how I actually did things behind the scenes:
  • Ideation and game design
  • Level design: The level is actually procedurally generated. However, I chose one level among the many randomly generated levels.
  • Player controller and flying using the 3rd person asset listed below. Although had to make quite a few alterations to it.
  • Enemy and AI: Built enemy movement and AI from scratch, mostly using navmesh.
  • Created VFX using Unity's built-in particle system, inspired from Unity's particle pack. The enemy's beam is a modified version of the asset listed below.
  • Created music loop using GarageBand.
  • Quick and cheap UI design to finish in time.
And here's a list of the free resources that I used: